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There are diverse forms of life on this planet, even though it’s the same one, we are the same being, and mother earth is a molecule connected to the rest of the universe. The smallest, the most minute is related to the larger, extended and farthest and is in constant relation. In this form the smallest animal sustains life just like the plants and the largest animals including human beings. Our ancestors, the wise ancient thinkers of our communities made precise calculations of movement due to the constant contemplation and respect of creation, and the nature of life. They left their testimony as a legacy to future generations in the stones, cave paintings, ceremonies, spirits, oral traditions, pyramids, symbols, knowledge of medicine, arte, science, history and the memory of resistance in our blood. As grand thinkers and mathematicians, they left humanity the fruits of their visions and their discipline, making it, a certain lecture of “times” to come, ie. Movement. There are many tribes that continue to hold this millenary legacy. As an example we can name the prophecies of the Maya, Aztecs, Incas, Hopi and others, which foresaw the darkness and the pain in the centuries after the invasion of the Europeans in 1492. Humanity is now facing the changes in consciousness which according to the indigenous prophecies, are relatively close.
Mother earth as the giver of life and as a living being, reacts in the same way as our bodies, when a body is sick, attacked or ill treated, it reacts by instinct to survive, it activates its defenses and acts against the aggressor who attacks its harmony and health. If that which attacks the earth is greater than her defenses our body will fall ill and die. That is how our body’s defenses work and mother earth does the same, and thus the whole universe acts. The cosmo-vision of the Maya teaches us that the alignment of the planets in the next years, specifically 2012, will send energies that will fuse together and will arrive to the earth were they will illuminate the conscience and will generate profound changes in humanity. This energy will materialize it self through small lights that little by little will purify humanity, through thoughts, new ideas, imagination, dreams and cosmic trips, through beings in charge of activating those receptors that are ready to be activated. Regardless of these changes, parts of humanity continue to sleep and produce a destructive, unjust, corrupt, focused on money and profit, in vices and a superficial society. Opposing the unavoidable transformation that is approaching us from the roots of spiritual existence. This part of humanity continues to destroy the earth, but mother earth is reacting with force, through earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, plagues and changes in the climate. The elements that help sustain life on the planet, water, fire, wind, and earth, are beginning to be altered from their original stage and the consequences are impacting humanity putting the future at risk.

For these reasons, now more than ever we have to prepare our lives, what is entitled to us, for these profound changes of conciseness, that will completely move all humanity. Through the years the elders who pass the legacy of knowledge have maintained the fire of hope alive and are igniting a purifying fire to receive these changes, they prepare ceremonies of initiation, the warrior is preparing for the victory. The liberation of the tribes and communities and the elevation of humanities spirit to a better and harmonize life if the principal axel.

Spiritual journeys have long been an ancient tradition of the native pueblos of this continent, The journeys are an essential part of life because it strengthens the solidarity among Indigenous Peoples as well as their traditions and culture. Just as well it creates an awareness of the need to reestablish a respectful connection with Mother Earth. Many of the indigenous traditions were interrupted by the Europeans violent invasion in 1492. In 1992, at the 500 year anniversary of the violent invasion of the Americas, the Peace and Dignity Journeys rose up across the continent in protest. These journeys were coordinated between two groups; one group from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and the other from Chickaloon, Alaska. Both groups ran across the American Continent for six months passing through numerous indigenous communities and hundreds of cities, uniting their efforts at the sacred “City of the Gods”, Teotihuacan, Mexico. The objective was to fulfill the Mayan prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor (prophecy that foretells of the time of the reunion of the Indigenous Peoples of the north and south of this continent as one nation) and to honor the continuing resistance of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas despite 500 years of violence, genocide and oppression. After this year it was agreed that continental journeys would continue to be organized every four years it was agreed that continental journeys would continue to be organized every four years and local journeys would be promoted in order to motivate indigenous cultures and traditions. There have been 4 indigenous runs throughout the entire continent.

Inspired on this assignment, three local journeys for native dignity were achieved with the participation of the Mayo, Yaqui, and Seri pueblos in Sonora, Mexico. Representatives of these three nations ran approximately 600km covering the whole state from north to south. Other run took place in Baja California with the Kumiai, Kumai, Cucapa, Kiliwa, Pai-pai, Nahua, Mixteco, and Triqui from the San Quintin area, tribes. A message of cultural resistance to the communities they passed by while simultaneously collecting testimonies about the situation they currently face. The results of these journeys for the native communities are very important, not only is their current situation made public but also the holding of meeting with indigenous authorities and the entire community to analyze the importance of having fighting to strengthen the cultural legacy of our ancestors. With this, we call out to the authorities to not forget their historical commitment that is owed by the actual Mexico to indigenous people who represent the rots of this country and the international commitment they have with the International Organization of Workers in its 169 article.
This activity has been a peace initiative created by members of the indigenous communities of various nationalities in order to defend our identity and in the hope of recovering and reinforcing our traditional spirituality and customs, ceremonies, languages, territories and rights. With this journey we intend to strengthen the links between the native peoples of what is now called Mexico. Working to unite and build communication bridges among communities, rejecting and imposed history, and denouncing the invasion and genocide our people has suffered. In the present, this journey represents a resistance cry against neocolonialism in the form of domestic and international “big business” that as we speak violates our scared lands, our traditional practices, and over exploits our natural resources. This journey is our voice that rises from the wind and with it carries the voice of millions of others that have been silenced; as a consequence of the ambition of a few. A voice that refused to be disappeared by those who’s ambition for profits, wants to privatize our natural resources. This journey is also against ignorance, prejudice, and intolerance; we refuse to be seen and promoted as “little red men”, mere Mexican curiosities, traces of the past, and objects of tourist attraction or citizens without voice or rights. We find it unacceptable that after 515 years of invasion and intents of extermination, our brothers and sisters must continue to endure the same unjust conditions of the colonization, today disguised as economic globalization. Its humiliating for us that our children and elders go hungry and are left forgotten like many already are, while there are events in the popular light that celebrate the invasion an event that we holds in mourning. The only thing to be celebrated is our resistance and our survival as ancient civilizations throughout the continent.

Considering what has been mentioned so far about our experience in the journeys in Sonora, Baja California and the rest of the continent, we will be initiating the indigenous ceremonial run from the ceremonial center of the Mayo tribe in San Miguel Zapotitlan in Sinaloa until we reach the sacred mountain of Cuchuma in Tecate, Baja California. Running approximately 2250 km, arriving to more than 30 indigenous pueblos of 13 tribes (Mayos from Sonora and Sinaloa, Yaquis, Pimas, Guarijios, Seri, Mixtecos, Triquis, Tohono Odham, Cucapas from Sonora and Baja California, Kiliwas, Pai-pai and Kumiais, Nahuas). Also passing through 11 cities, about 15 ceremonial-energy centers and 6 military check points.

In accordance with the elder council, the journey is contemplating the beginning to be on the 12 of October of 2007. There will be to core groups parting from San Miguel Zapotitlan in Sinaloa with a northern route and the other from Chihuahua descending from the mountainous area and arriving to the Pima and Guarijios pueblos. Both groups will unite in Sonora to continue in the northern route.

Upon this, we summon to the indigenous pueblos of Sinaloa, Baja California and Sonora to be part of this effort of unification and we invite the communities to receive our group with their dances, chants and prayers. We invite the communities to name the representatives that can accompany us in this journey guided by the drums, fire, the sun, and the sweat of hope.
We summon all the brothers and sisters in the cities to be part of this work and to support our group in its journey through the cities.



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